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Touch does not mean fusion. In touch one does not conflate with the other. Touch does not make a connection that is hard or perhaps impossible to separate. Touch does not mean an absolute mergence of two different entities. Something happens in touch. A transformation, an information. Touch seems to close the in-between but yet allows for the bodies in touch to separate from one another. However transformed they may be, touch does not disintegrate the bodies, does not forge them together, does not put them in chains of unison. Touch lets bodies be and go. Touch is a train, the ramble of a hand, the tail of a time and a skin that touch each other in movement. Touch is moving and haunting. SCHÄFER, Elisabeth: So wie das Leben meiner Haut. Wien, 2012

Kiss me. Two lips kissing two lips: openness is ours again.

Our „world.“ And the passage from the inside out, from the outside in,

the passage between us, is limitless. Without end. No knot or loop,

no mouth ever stops our exchanges. Between us the house has no wall,

the clearing no enclosure, language no circularity. When you kiss me,

the world grows so large that the horizon itself disappears. Are we

unsatisfied? Yes, if that means we are never finished. If our pleasure

consists in moving, being moved, endlessly. Always in motion:

openness is never spent nor sated. IRIGARAY, Luce: THIS SEX WHICH IS

NO ONE. 1985 by Cornell University